Viomi SE Vacuum Robot Cleaner

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Product Description
Product Name
Viomi SE Vacuum Robot Cleaner 
less than 65dB

Under the lid there is a 2-in-1 container for dry and wet cleaning. The dry container had a volume of 300 ml and a water tank with a volume of 200 ml. As usual, filter elements such as a HEPA filter can be found in a dry box.+
There are 12 different sensors throughout the body. These are a collision avoidance sensor, a fall protection sensor, a suspension sensor, even a recharging sensor and many other sensors.
At the bottom of the intelligent robot, the Viomi SE vacuum cleaner has two main drive wheels that can overcome obstacles up to 2cm. There is also a main rotating brush in the center and one side brush in the front of the robot.

In terms of appearance and design, I told everything about Viomi SE. So let's now compare the technical specifications and why the lite version is worse than its flagship Viomi V3 robot vacuum cleaner.

Features, functions and characteristics
As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, Viomi SE has a suction force of 2200 Pa and has a main brush speed of 15000 rpm.
Connecting the vacuum cleaner to the app is very simple and intuitive. So, in terms of functions and capabilities, the application is no different from other models of robotic vacuum cleaners. For example, I will mention features such as automatic cleaning with mapping of your apartment. If we talk about the operating modes, then they are quite smart and well thought out, which allows you to quickly and efficiently clean
Of course, you can set four operating modes - quiet, standard, performance, and maximum. Each of them is required for a specific job. For example, for regular cleaning on a hard surface, the standard mode is quite enough, but when cleaning carpets, the maximum mode is needed
Features such as timer, virtual wall and more are standard features that Viomi SE robot vacuum cleaner also has

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