We are located in sunny Miami and North Fort Myers, Florida State. Managed by a friendly team with more than 15 years of experience in sales, delivery and customer service in this industry. We have studied the main problems of our competition and we carry out plans to differentiate ourselves from them (Fast and higher quality delivery and set up service, high efficiency in solving any inconvenience experience and even customer disagreements, we offer products that we know we have available in our inventories, so that our customers do not have to wait so long time to receive their products. We also offer a wide range of financing with 5 different companies, without the need to check their credit). We have selected a variety of elegant products, from furniture to decoration, a wide variety of essential equipment for the home, with the vision that each person who comes to our store has different options according to their emotional and economic needs, our team of I am always working and will be at your service, giving you the necessary help and our best offers.  You can see our signature mid-century modern designs all over our site, but we also offer transitional, glamorous and industrial style pieces.


 We are especially proud of our products (bedroom sets, living room sets, dining room sets, and more, made for the comfort and well-being of you and your family).  We know how valuable it can be to customize the furniture that best suits your home.  Simply choose your configuration and select from a wide variety of styles and models that we have.  We have a friendly, award-winning customer service team ready to help you by phone, chat, or email.  In addition, we have great Associates (COASTER, ACME, ACIMA LEASING, AFFIRM, AMAZON, PROGRESSIVE LEASING, PILOT FREIGHT, UPS GROUND and BBB Accredited with (A) Grade). 

Buying furniture online without being seen can be scary.  We know this, but we are dedicated to making the process easy and efficient so you can click "add to cart" with confidence.

  Thanks for reading and feel free to email us or say hi on social media.  We love hearing from you!